Matching cow herd needs to overall goals

Date: Jan 23 2019

Angus Convention & Breeding & EPDs & Fetal Programming & Gestational Nutrition & News Release & Research & Stockmanship

Control what you can and deal with the rest. Cattlemen can’t stop drought or hurricanes, but they can set their herd up to be successful during “everyday” challenges. “We can manage their feed. We can manage their health protocol. We can’t manage their stress,” said Kelly Sanders, Westway Feed Products. “From my feed standpoint, how do I mitigate that problem the best I can?”

Near the pinnacle of beef quality

Date: Dec 06 2018

Angus Convention & News Release & Premium Potential

It takes a powerful start and decades of focus to get harvest groups that regularly qualify 100% for the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand. What about 97.7% at CAB Prime brand and that one steer “only” hitting the traditional premium Choice CAB mark? Not too good to be true, that’s just the mark of a Champion. To be precise, it’s the Champion pen of 40 enrolled in the 2018 Angus Value Discovery Contest (AVDC), produced by Jack and Bill Boyer, Boyer Brothers Angus, Perryville, Mo.

Genetic answers to consumer demand

Date: Nov 20 2018

Angus Convention & Cattle Markets & Consumer Connection & EPDs & News Release

What’s relevant today isn’t necessarily so tomorrow. Investing in the future pushes everybody forward. That was the motivating think piece Mark McCully shared with cattlemen as part of the National Angus Convention’s opening session Saturday, Nov. 3, in Columbus, Ohio. As farmers and ranchers attended breakouts designed to make their own herds better, McCully’s point held its weight. Anything that could make it above the Select line was once considered “on target” for satisfying consumer demand.