BQA Bash at the 2023 Angus Convention

Raised with Respect™ Cattle Care Campaign Launched This Fall

Certified Angus Beef and Sysco join forces to support farmers and ranchers, the beef community as a whole.

by Lindsay Runft

December 19, 2023

Respect for animals, respect for the land and respect for each other – the foundation of a new campaign from Sysco, the global leader in foodservice distribution, and Certified Angus Beef (CAB), a brand known for its commitment to quality beef. The campaign, Raised with Respect™, centers on the common ground found between cattle producers and beef consumers, with a focus on animal welfare and beef sustainability.

Raised with Respect™ was developed as part of a strategic cattle care partnership between Sysco and CAB. The collaboration focuses on supporting farmers and ranchers, equipping them with continuing education to stay current on best management practices and helping to increase consumer confidence in beef production.

Through the partnership, Sysco and CAB are providing Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) training and certification to farmers and ranchers in nine key cattle production states. To elevate the trainings, bringing dynamic educational opportunities to cattle country, Sysco and CAB are collaborating with state entities who also have a vested interest in BQA.

Launching at the 2023 Angus Convention in November, two campaign events were held in Orlando, Florida. Collaborating with Florida Beef Council and the American Angus Association, a BQA training was offered to educate and certify Angus ranchers. Another event, the BQA Bash, celebrated the commitment of ranchers who are currently BQA-certified. Nearly 100 producers attended the training and more than 200 attended the BQA Bash.

Kirsten Nickles presenting CAB and Sysco's Raised with Respect™ campaign.

Following Angus Convention, additional Raised with Respect™ BQA trainings took place in Texas and Montana. The campaign will continue through June 2024, with the six remaining BQA trainings occurring in Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

BQA, a nationally recognized education and certification program, encompasses the best practices for cattle care, including animal handling, nutrition and responsible use of antibiotics.

“Certified Angus Beef supports BQA because it’s a credible and effective way for producers to communicate animal welfare to people on the opposite end of the beef supply chain.” says Bruce Cobb, CAB executive vice president of production. “By building trust with this segment and consumers, we can help secure the strong beef demand we’ve been experiencing into the future.”

According to research from NCBA (on behalf of the Beef Checkoff), 70% of consumers agreed that BQA certification increased their confidence in knowing the beef they eat is safe, and 67% agreed that it increased their confidence that cattle are humanely raised. Prior to learning about the program, 44% of consumers had positive perceptions about cattle production and that increased to 70% after learning of the BQA program.

Cattle producers interested in completing BQA training, but not able to attend an in-person event, are encouraged to complete the free course online. More information about Raised with Respect™, including dates and locations of BQA events, and a direct link to online BQA education and training, can be found at www.cabcattle.com/RaisedWithRespect.

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