Certified Angus Beef changed the cattle industry. It’s a bold statement, but one we don’t take lightly.

Mick Colvin

Raising the Steaks

It all started with a problem. An Ohio Angus breeder had a bad steak. So, he wrote to the American Angus Association with the idea of a specification-based beef program. He knew that Angus breeders could do better to raise cattle that meet consumers’ expectations for taste.

This set-in motion a movement for Angus cattlemen who wanted to do something that had never been done before: Reward producers for the carcass merit of their cattle. It wasn’t easy. The USDA tried to shut us down within a year of getting the program running. But the hard work and perseverance of our founder Mick Colvin kept us going. Now, there are dozens of USDA beef programs touting “Angus,” but only one Certified Angus Beef ® brand.

Being in business since 1978 makes Certified Angus Beef the original, USDA branded beef program. That makes us the oldest, too. We aren’t an average marketing label because carcasses must meet all 10 of our science-based specifications to qualify and guarantee consistent, great flavor. But really it starts with Angus-influenced cattle.

Certified Angus Beef is a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, ultimately owned by its members. That’s where you come in.

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Change Starts with You

Every Certified Angus Beef ® steak starts at your farm or ranch the moment you decide the direction of your breeding program. Having the right kind of Angus genetics in your herd is important, but how you manage your cattle determines whether they’ll perform to their greatest carcass potential.

We believe you deserve to be paid for the carcass quality of your cattle. In 2021, cattlemen were paid $182 million in CAB premiums. That’s $3.4 million a week going to producers whose cattle meet the CAB standards. That’s reassuring for anyone focused on raising high-quality beef that fits in a premium box.

If you want to raise cattle more likely to get paid for hitting the CAB target, it starts by selecting the right registered-Angus cattle, using progressive management practices, and finding a premium market to earn the true value of your calves.

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