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Respect is the foundation that cattle producers and consumers find common ground. Cattlemen and women respect the consumer’s need for high-quality beef raised right. Consumers want to know that producers are invested in the best care for their livestock. Both want the same thing – respect for the animal and for each other. And you both want to be heard. Learn how to have a voice that brings everyone to the table.

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We’re a rancher-driven, not-for-profit business. As a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, Certified Angus Beef LLC works on your behalf to build demand for your Angus beef, and that translates to more dollars in your pocket. Our CAB Cattle Crew is devoted to helping all cattlemen – from breeder to feeder – get their share of $182 million in grid premiums paid each year. Together, we’ll help you supply the brand.


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Raising cattle is a relationship business as much as it is about the livestock. We travel the country meeting the best quality beef producers and bring their stories to you. Practical insight for making the best even better.

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Credit End Meats With CAB Value-Add

We focused on fourth-quarter middle meat demand as a beef price driver in the last edition of the Insider. This is certainly the case in the current data as rib and tenderloins are pricing near their annual highs. However, a look at annual price trends across the beef carcass shows increasing contributions to CAB premiums from both ends of the carcass.

Middle Meats and Supply Driving Fourth Quarter Spreads

At the retail level, November brings a brief shift in focus, away from beef to turkey and ham, for Thanksgiving meals. Turkeys are the classic “loss leader” item in grocery stores during November as retailers practically give them away to lure a volume of shoppers to spend on the high-margin center of the store goods.

Drought Impact and Cattle Industry Dynamics

As drought conditions persist across much of cattle country, farmers and ranchers are at a pivotal juncture in the cattle industry’s landscape. What impact does this prolonged dry spell have on the nation’s herd numbers? When will heifer retention begin? How will industry dynamics influence the spring bull sale season?

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