Demand and Markets

Recent trends: Beef quality, value and price

J. Tatum, Colorado State University Taste buds drive demand

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Determination of the effect of branding on consumer palatability ratings of beef strip loin steaks of various quality levels and ground beef of various lean points from different subprimals

T.G. O’Quinn, Kansas State University Reality in beef research

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Cross-category indulgence: Why do some premium brands grow during recession?

T. Mark et. al, University of Guelph, et. al

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Changes in the ground beef market and what it means for cattle producers

N. Speer, et. al, Western Kentucky University

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Retail and foodservice marketing trends for beef

B. Harsh, et. al, Oklahoma State University

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Should beef quality grade be a priority?

Jillian Steiner & Dr. Scott Brown, University of Missouri

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External influences on North American beef production: How will the cattle feeding industry adapt?

P. Anderson, Midwest PMS, LLC

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Consumers, business and breeding systems: Charting the beef industry’s path

N. Speer, Western Kentucky University

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Defining and quantifying Certified Angus Beef ® brand consumer demand

L. Zimmerman and T. Schroeder, Kansas State University

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Understanding grid marketing: How quality grades and grid conditions affect carcass value

P. Anderson, Ag Knowledge Services

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