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A Focus on Soil Health Boosts Bottom Line

Date: Apr 06 2022

| Forage Management & News Release

Grassland management is key to proving the net carbon footprint of the beef industry in the ongoing conversation of sustainability. As consumer demands evolve, attributes supporting beef’s responsible use of resources shift to the forefront. Sure, taste is still king, but premium brands like the Certified Angus Beef ® brand must adapt to stay relevant to the consumer.

Following the numbers

Date: Oct 07 2021

| Big Thinkers & Breeding

Diversification proved to be key in evolving the ranch. What began as an Angus-based commercial herd, the trio took signals from the data and sought new avenues for revenue. The Woolfolk men have a target: creating more high-quality, profitable cattle. As for how to get there? They’ll continue to follow the numbers.

$59,000 for 15 emerging leaders

Date: Jul 14 2021

| About the brand & News Release

Tackling the variety of challenges and opportunities in the beef supply chain are talented young leaders paving a path for the future. Certified Angus Beef recognized 10 undergraduate and five graduate students with bright ideas for making the best beef, even better.

Home raised angus

Date: Jun 14 2021

| Big Thinkers

Shifting cattle and plans is a constant theme, but all part of Bradley’s masterplan that is staying flexible and keeping up with new ideas. Genetics play a key role, always advancing.