Angus done different

Date: Sep 15 2021

Big Thinkers & EPDs

A passion and an entrepreneurial spirit started CK Cattle in Alabama. The Madaris’s were chasing a fantasy but now support three households through their Angus seedstock business.

Eager to learn, ready to teach

Date: Oct 02 2020

Breeding & EPDs & News Release & Targeting the Brand

It’s a call to serve, the same that led John Grimes to run for the American Angus Association board of directors. The sun now setting on his second three-year term, he reflects on his leadership as Certified Angus Beef® board chairman. The head of Maplecrest Farms in Hillsboro, Ohio, says there’s no instant gratification in the cattle business, with constant change cattlemen have to be nimble.

From chaos to dream ranch

Date: Aug 03 2020

Big Thinkers & EPDs & Maternal Function & Sire Selection

Raising cattle had been a dream for the Idaho couple from the start of their marriage, even though neither had prior ranching experience. After years of dedication and faith in each other, the Brown family now operates a large cow-calf operation focusing on quality Angus genetics.

A pen of Primes

Date: Jun 22 2020

About the brand & Big Thinkers & Breeding & EPDs & Sire Selection

Their success with quality Angus cattle disguises the fact that the Boyer brothers are first-generation farmers. Originally from Detriot, the brothers moved to a farm in Missouri 46 years ago with no prior knowledge of raising cattle. Today, their best pen of finished steers marked 100% Certified Angus Beef with all but one Prime.