Flavor’s secret ingredient

Date: Oct 05 2020

News Release & Research & What a Chef Wants

As a moderately to highly heritable trait, marbling is something that cattlemen have a lot of ability to manage. It also happens to be one of the major contributors to beef flavor. Texas Tech University meat scientist Jerrad Legako spoke about the topic at the 2020 American Society of Animal Science meetings.

The Resistance

Date: Jun 15 2020

Health & NCBA Convention & Research & Research Feature

Antibiotic resistance in cattle is a growing concern for producers and consumers. The goal for cattlemen and women is to implement strategies at the management level with good animal husbandry practices, routine health exams and vaccination.

Beef up the dinner table

Date: Apr 01 2020

Consumer Connection & News Release & Research

Cattlemen respond to consumer demands, even as they evolve from the call for premium quality to transparent production practices. We know that, thanks to ongoing work from NCBA. Overall, beef is doing well and will continue while half of consumers rank it as a top source of protein.