A scours change

Date: Sep 18 2020

Calving & Health & Lactation & NCBA Convention & Premium Potential

Just like regular maintenance on your vehicle, prevention is the best way to ward off scours in your cow-calf herd. But sometimes the best treatment plans fail, with lasting effects on calf performance. That’s why ranchers should try to get ahead of the problem.

Senses and sense

Date: Aug 31 2020

Health & News Release & Stockmanship

Humans developed over millennia to hunt and herd. When it’s time to move animals, instincts send us out with a purpose but sometimes little thought to how our aggressive behavior affects what they do. Stepping into a cattle pen, we naturally act the predator, manipulating where animals go. But good handling practices should turn us into leaders, says Kip Lukasiewicz.

Fine-tuned engines

Date: Aug 13 2020

Breeding Health & Gestational Nutrition & Health & News Release

Mineral nutrition plays an important role in every function of cattle – from health, to reproductive performance, to day-to-day activities. However, mineral deficiencies are hard to detect base on physical traits. Supplementation programs can help ensure your cattle are getting the minerals needed to perform their best.

The Resistance

Date: Jun 15 2020

Health & NCBA Convention & Research & Research Feature

Antibiotic resistance in cattle is a growing concern for producers and consumers. The goal for cattlemen and women is to implement strategies at the management level with good animal husbandry practices, routine health exams and vaccination.