Committed to consistency

Date: Oct 01 2021

Big Thinkers & Cattle Feeding & Post Weaning & Premium Potential

Much of the cattle feeding business is outside a manager’s control. But quality cattle caretaking, that Kendall Hopp can guarantee. He plans for the volatile, hopes for the best, and deals with the rest as it comes. The first thing on his list begins with treating people right because Hopp knows happy folks manage cattle more consistently, leading to healthy cattle that perform.

His will, their work

Date: Oct 16 2020

Big Thinkers & Cattle Feeding & Post Weaning

M&M Feeders now includes two yards, with Jamie Huyser tackling the daily tasks at Elm Creek and Daron helps manage operations at Lexington. Mel does everything from keeping up customer relations to driving the feedtruck, while Marvin handles commodity trading from his home in Idaho.

Beyond a buzzword

Date: Oct 15 2020

Big Thinkers & Cattle Feeding & Post Weaning

It’s not the work of fancy technology, though spreadsheets of data and consultants lend their hand. It’s six generations of meticulous puzzle masters who focused on making better each piece of the bigger picture.