More with less

Date: Oct 05 2021

Big Thinkers & Forage Management & Nutrition & Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation, but the folks at Bradley 3 Ranch make it tangible with 60+ years of continual progress. Their work in developing the land, cattle and water have turned what was once called a ‘wasteland’ into a ranching outfit worthy of recognition. B3R is our 2021 Sustainability Award winner.

On Target: Making observations count

Date: Jul 01 2017

Health & Nutrition & On Target

This time of year, you probably spend more time observing than working cattle. Calving is complete and bulls have been turned out with the spring herd. Fall calves are weaned and grass cattle are moving through pastures.

Ethanol byproducts still pay their way in feedlot rations

Date: Sep 25 2013

Cattle Feeding & Feeding Quality Forum & News Release & Nutrition

Paying the feed bill has cleaned out bank accounts faster than Jesse James in recent years, as high corn prices left cattlemen everywhere looking for the cheapest, most efficient alternatives. Answering that search, Galen Erickson shared research results and insight on distillers grains at the Feeding Quality Forums in Omaha, Neb., and Garden City, Kan., in August. As of late summer, the ethanol byproducts were selling at near corn prices. Many cattlemen responded by cutting back or removing it, but Erickson, feedlot Extension specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said that could be a mistake.