Progress, Not Perfection

Date: Oct 07 2022

Big Thinkers & Breeding & Consumer Connection & Heifer Development & Stockmanship & Sustainability

It’s a labor of love, obvious in the way she lights up explaining their family’s 33-year effort to proactively adapt Angus cows to their land. A lifetime of telling stories from the pasture or kitchen has resonated with nonfarm consumers as much as fellow ranchers. “Everything we do is about cattle, but it’s also about family and connecting our kids to the land and to the cattle,” Debbie Lyons-Blythe says.

The way to do it

Date: Sep 25 2019

Big Thinkers & Heifer Development

In everything he does, Ryan Noble pushes the limits of success to what some would call overachieving. To everyone else, it’s no surprise Noble Ranch was named the Certified Angus Beef ® 2019 Commercial Commitment to Excellence Award winner.

On Target: A little background may help

Date: Feb 01 2018

Heifer Development & On Target

Let’s say you weaned calves last fall but didn’t sell. Instead, you helped them cross the bridge to independent life in your dry lot pen and maybe on to a grazing program. Chances are, those “backgrounded” calves have moved on to a finishing yard or the next phase of heifer development.

On Target: Beef lessons from dairy conceptions

Date: Sep 01 2017

Heifer Development & On Target

You’ve heard that the key to beef quality could lie in making sure a calf never has a bad day. A paper in the Journal of Dairy Science adds validity—and before you quit reading because the work didn’t come from the beef side, think for a minute about the dairy cow. She’s a model of uniform genetics and focused selection with little nutritional limit to gene expression. She can serve as a great model to evaluate environment for all cows, independent of genetics and nutritional resources.