The III big things

Date: Nov 04 2020

What a Chef Wants

At III Forks, an upscale steak and seafood restaurant in Frisco, Texas, the beef must match the ambiance and the service. Chef Chris Voegli says it all must exceed expectations. It’s that attention to detail at the final step that makes the cattleman’s attention to detail worth it.

Flavor’s secret ingredient

Date: Oct 05 2020

News Release & Research & What a Chef Wants

As a moderately to highly heritable trait, marbling is something that cattlemen have a lot of ability to manage. It also happens to be one of the major contributors to beef flavor. Texas Tech University meat scientist Jerrad Legako spoke about the topic at the 2020 American Society of Animal Science meetings.

A little BBQ journey

Date: Jul 10 2020

What a Chef Wants

The son of peanut farmers, Arnis Robbins never had a barbecue business on his radar screen…until life changed and his passion was born. Today he and wife Mallory cook up to 300 briskets a day in their Lubbock, Texas, establishment named after their daughter.

A beacon born from a broken path

Date: Jul 14 2019

Consumer Connection & What a Chef Wants

Doubts flooded in when the young couple decided to open a restaurant in the 1930s. Today, Okeechobee Steakhouse stands as the oldest of its kind in Florida. Known for their commitment to serving quality Certified Angus Beef®, third-generation owner, Ralph Lewis is appreciative of the cattle raisers who supply CAB product.

‘Plum’ good beef

Date: Jun 19 2019

CAB Connection & News Release & What a Chef Wants

Chef Brett Sawyer wasn’t going to serve beef in his restaurant – it was too expensive, and he didn’t want to compete with other Cleveland steakhouses. Walking into the establishment, you wouldn’t expect to find a steak on the menu, let alone beef navel as a signature dish. The sleek, black façade meets rustic brick to match the rest of the block. Large oak doors with shimmering, gold letters on the window pane read “The Plum.”