The cattle calling

Date: Oct 04 2021

Big Thinkers & CAB Connection

Telling their story to the cattle curious was awkward at first for John and Gaye Pfeiffer. Their dedication to teaching and connecting with those further down the supply chain earned them the 2021 CAB Ambassador Award.

Priming retail demand

Date: Aug 07 2020

CAB Connection

The percentage of fed cattle grading prime has steadily increased over the last decade, offering retailers opportunity. That’s why CAB is focused on providing retailers the tools needed to market and sell prime beef.

How and why the brand grows

Date: Aug 03 2020

CAB Connection

The three primary components of growth for the CAB brand are increases in licensed packing plant processing, black-hided cattle and carcass quality. However, the most important component is the producer’s mindset of continual advancement.