Carcass Weights Surge

Date: Sep 27 2023

CAB Insider

Heavier carcasses typically coincide with richer marbling and higher quality grades. But seasonal grade trends simply push quality lower this time of year as USDA’s grading report for the September 11 week shows an abrupt leg down in percent USDA Choice

Short Supplies, Higher Beef Prices

Date: Aug 30 2023

CAB Insider

In the waning days ahead of Labor Day spot market beef prices are posting positive numbers, boosting a bit of optimism into the total beef complex. Historically, the uptrend will subside following the holiday, and wholesale prices will seek an early fall low mid-October.

Christmas Plans in August

Date: Aug 09 2023

CAB Insider

Early August in the beef market generally sees lackluster fed cattle prices and the final throes of the summer slump in boxed beef values. However, in the modern retail grocery business, it’s high time that end users make their plans for fourth-quarter holiday beef features.

CAB Supplies Hold Up Despite Smaller Slaughter

Date: Jul 27 2023

CAB Insider

With fed cattle carcass weights now set to steadily increase into at least October, carcass quality grades typically decline beginning in early August. Lighter placements and continued smaller slaughter totals will keep product supplies in check. Labor Day demand is just weeks away and with that uptick, the quality-based price spreads are likely to perform quite well.

CAB Insider Quarterly: July 2023

Date: Jul 26 2023

CAB Insider

From a cattlemen’s perspective and fed cattle management standpoint, I would look for continued wide quality grade premiums as well as Certified Angus Beef ® brand premiums on those packer grids. I would manage cattle and price cattle for our placements moving forward accordingly.

Carcass Weights Find Bottom Late

Date: Jul 13 2023

CAB Insider

Now is the time for cattlemen to evaluate the potential for exceptionally strong premiums in high quality CAB traditional and Prime carcasses down the road. When high quality carcasses are in short supply the price spreads tend to explode. Be ready.

Cutout Values Responsive to Conditions

Date: Jun 28 2023

CAB Insider

Two weeks ago fed steer prices reached a new record fueled by strong demand and restricted headcounts. But we knew there was a seasonal ceiling and it lasted only as quickly as one can say “seasonal trend.” Paul shares more insights in this CAB Insider.

Marbling Resilient, Premiums Tempered

Date: Jun 15 2023

CAB Insider & Premium Potential

The northern quality grade is only materially slipping as compared to the quality-rich years of 2020 and 2021. Exceptional quality premiums are not a theme in this record-high fed cattle market but above average cattle have never been a liability.

Prime Carcass Tonnage Set to Decline

Date: May 31 2023

CAB Insider

Most recent USDA quality grade data updates carcass grading trends through May 19. This is precisely the week on the calendar at which the percentage of carcasses meeting USDA Prime marbling levels have sharply decreased in each of the past three years.