The Cattle Market Teacher

Date: Aug 10 2022

Big Thinkers & Cattle Markets

Part intuition, part learned experience and a growing database gave Randy Blach the tools to communicate to producers what the market demands. The bottom line is consistently front and center, his mission is to keep more cattlemen and women on the land, doing what they do best.

The idea that worked

Date: Oct 04 2021

Big Thinkers & Cattle Markets & Premium Potential

“So, if we make sure the humans can be prosperous and survive, that’s what sustainability is,” Mark Gardiner says. “That is the opportunity that USPB gave our family and thousands more all across the United States.” It’s why USPB earned the 2021 CAB Progressive Partner award.

The market or the management

Date: Jun 08 2021

Big Thinkers & Cattle Markets

The crystal ball is nonexistent. There is no magic fortune teller. No matter how good the market forecast nobody is right 100% of the time. That doesn’t mean cattlemen have to look at the future as nothing more than a blind guess.

Where premiums are earned

Date: Mar 29 2021

Cattle Markets & Grid Marketing & News Release & Premium Potential

As quality continues to trend up and more cattle qualify for the brand, the CAB/Choice spread may gain ground on the old Choice/Select metric as an industry standard. Along the way, the brand will keep working with all partners from pasture to plate, adding value to every cut and premiums for Angus cattlemen.