2022 Was as Predicted

Date: Feb 08 2023

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If there was a lesson in 2022, it was that the beef market is very sensitive to declines in quality grade, as evidenced through price signals. It’s the first time in recent history where we’ve gone backwards — albeit ever so slightly — and customers are telling us they have unfulfilled demand. That’s reflected in the premiums paid, and that’s saying something after two years of extremely high premiums.

Certified Angus Beef Takes Fine Dining to New Heights to Connect with Consumers

Date: Sep 28 2022

About the brand & News Release

“High Steaks” is about sharing the transformative power of food and the idea that different culinary experiences can take consumers on a journey to different destinations. In a cliff-side setting, Angus rancher Ty Walter joined actor, comedian and host Joel McHale to talk cattle production and what makes the Certified Angus Beef ® brand consistently superior – all while enjoying a four-course meal at an elevation of 8,500 feet.