Beginning again

Date: Oct 01 2021

Black Ink

Life is about phases. Some occur just once and some are on repeat. We tend to spend a lot of time and energy trying to build momentum to summit the final arc of a cycle. When it ends, space is created for something new to start, and off we go again.

Lifelong learner

Date: Jun 16 2021

Black Ink

Perhaps the hardest lesson I’ve learned is this: learning is a daily chore. After all, learning is a lifetime process. It’s easier when motivated, but sometimes it takes discipline and a little conversation.

Cultivating growth

Date: May 19 2021

Black Ink

Humans have a built-in desire to grow. But it’s not something that just happens. We must have a curiosity about us – a will and work ethic for the growing.

Replanning the plan

Date: Apr 13 2021

Black Ink

In the cattle business, it’s easy for a brilliant strategy to become less ideal over time. Is there anything you’ve accepted as status quo that could benefit from a little reevaluation?

Old lessons, new challenges

Date: Feb 17 2021

Black Ink

I’ve been reading accounts from the Dirty Thirties lately and I don’t know if I’m drawn in to the unimaginable awfulness of it all, or the amazing hope. Our Greatest Generation that lived through things I can hardly comprehend. In it, there are things we can apply today.

Valued partners

Date: Jan 20 2021

Black Ink

There are partnerships all across the beef business, but they’re not always as clean as who will bale the hay and who is going to feed it. Some are less direct, but equally as important.

The power of the pursuit

Date: Dec 18 2020

Black Ink

Now that you’ve made your cow herd more uniform, better matched to your resources or producing calves that you’re sure fit the bill for the next in line, what’s next? I want you to be able to look at your cattle lined up at the feed bunk and get that feeling. They are great.

Look back later

Date: Nov 18 2020

Black Ink & Feeder Calf Marketing & Retained Ownership

“Nobody likes to hear this in the middle of a trial, but it seems often true in life and business: the thing that feels so hard now, won’t always feel hard.” Miranda’s Black Ink® column for November touches on the idea of growth, and how it often feels better in hindsight.

Keeping up

Date: Oct 12 2020

Black Ink

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you’re falling behind, this column is encouragement for you. It’s a reminder to keep forward momentum. To see change and technology and figure out how to balance it all.