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Register Now for Feeding Quality Forum

Date: Jun 01 2023

| Feeding Quality Forum

Consumer demand signals spur progress in the cattle business, but producers must be proactive when making changes in their marketing strategy. The Feeding Quality Forum event delivers solutions to market-focused cattlemen who want to get rewarded for raising premium beef.

Premium Beef, Premium Production

Date: Apr 05 2023

| Consumer Connection & NCBA Convention & News Release

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is often advertised as “the best,” and taste secured its growth around the globe. As a younger generation of consumers has more buying power in the market, their expectations of high-quality beef are expanding. Here’s how the brand is meeting this new wave of demand.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Date: Oct 07 2022

| Big Thinkers & Cattle Feeding & Post Weaning & Premium Potential & Retained Ownership

For Hands, there’s no short answer to anything. Problems are approached with thoughtful consideration to every possible outcome. Solutions are executed with care. It’s more than a suggestion on how to treat everything from people to cattle to equipment, it’s simply the Triangle H way. They work to be the best in everything they do – a mindset that he’s passing on to his daughter.

Following Second Dreams

Date: Oct 07 2022

| Big Thinkers & Breeding & Cow Herd

Cow work, genetic improvements and breeding plans are on the table for hours because building the perfect cow takes constant adjustments to the plans they lay out. The Larsons are working on a masterpiece that moves their families and customers closer to “best” every day. Their determined journey toward elusive perfection helped Larson Angus Ranch earn the CAB 2022 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence award.

Triangle H Named CAB Feedyard Commitment to Excellence Honoree

Date: Oct 07 2022

| Cattle Feeding & News Release & Post Weaning

At Triangle H, problems are met with careful consideration of every possible outcome, solutions executed with care and evaluation. It’s simply how they deal with every challenge from people to cattle to equipment. Work to be the best in everything they do – a mindset Hands is passing on to his daughter. Their sharp focus on quality and thoughtful customer service earned Triangle H the 2022 Feedyard Commitment to Excellence Award from CAB.

Four Decades Devoted to Cattlemen

Date: Aug 24 2022

| Feeding Quality Forum & News Release

Always focused on the data and how it can deliver solutions, the decades of work earned Blach a second-nature understanding of the market and all that affects it. That kind of servant leadership earned Blach the 2022 Certified Angus Beef Industry Achievement Award.

The Cattle Market Teacher

Date: Aug 10 2022

| Big Thinkers & Cattle Markets

Part intuition, part learned experience and a growing database gave Randy Blach the tools to communicate to producers what the market demands. The bottom line is consistently front and center, his mission is to keep more cattlemen and women on the land, doing what they do best.