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Will Quality Premiums Continue Higher

Date: Sep 21 2022

| CAB Insider

Today’s Premium Choice and Prime beef production volume is monumentally larger than it was in 2006 when just 14% of Angus-type carcasses met CAB specifications, compared to our latest annual average of 36%. The current small drops from record-high production volumes create supply concerns among grocers and restaurant partners in today’s demand-driven environment.

Corn Basis Factors

Date: Sep 07 2022

| CAB Insider

The major shift in corn prices likely doesn’t entice cow/calf producers to consider retained ownership for the first time. Even though prices have been exceptional for calves and feeder cattle, it’s telling to take a look at feedlot breakeven projections to understand where prices are originating.

Four Decades Devoted to Cattlemen

Date: Aug 24 2022

| Feeding Quality Forum & News Release

Always focused on the data and how it can deliver solutions, the decades of work earned Blach a second-nature understanding of the market and all that affects it. That kind of servant leadership earned Blach the 2022 Certified Angus Beef Industry Achievement Award.

The Cattle Market Teacher

Date: Aug 10 2022

| Big Thinkers & Cattle Markets

Part intuition, part learned experience and a growing database gave Randy Blach the tools to communicate to producers what the market demands. The bottom line is consistently front and center, his mission is to keep more cattlemen and women on the land, doing what they do best.

Feeding Quality Forum Registration Open

Date: May 31 2022

| Feeding Quality Forum & News Release

As cattlemen continue to experience black swan events and rising input costs, so does their need for information on the latest production trends that pay. The 17th annual Feeding Quality Forum brings together people, insights and solutions to generate greater revenue for cattle feeders and cow-calf producers.