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Making It Better

Date: Sep 18 2023

| Big Thinkers & Cow Herd & Post Weaning & Premium Potential & Retained Ownership & Stockmanship & Sustainability

Most sane folks don’t choose to go into business with Mother Nature. She’s a fickle and unpredictable partner. So, how did two people with zero agricultural background, no generational land, wealth or genetics carve a profitable partnership with her in Southwest Kansas? By focusing on progress and a desire to leave things better than they found them – which also earned them the CAB Sustainability Award.

Certified Angus Beef Takes Fine Dining to New Heights to Connect with Consumers

Date: Sep 28 2022

| About the brand & News Release

“High Steaks” is about sharing the transformative power of food and the idea that different culinary experiences can take consumers on a journey to different destinations. In a cliff-side setting, Angus rancher Ty Walter joined actor, comedian and host Joel McHale to talk cattle production and what makes the Certified Angus Beef ® brand consistently superior – all while enjoying a four-course meal at an elevation of 8,500 feet.

Countryside time capsules

Date: Feb 02 2021

| About the brand & Consumer Connection

Generations come and go, but across the country farms and ranches, lone oak trees, sturdy stone fences and century-old barns—they’ve seen it all. The following two stories are excerpts from the book, “Sheltering Generations: The American Barn,” published last year. They’re the tales of two families who bought a piece of the past and made it their own.

Beyond a buzzword

Date: Oct 15 2020

| Big Thinkers & Cattle Feeding & Post Weaning

It’s not the work of fancy technology, though spreadsheets of data and consultants lend their hand. It’s six generations of meticulous puzzle masters who focused on making better each piece of the bigger picture.