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Prime Carcass Tonnage Set to Decline

Date: May 31 2023

| CAB Insider

Most recent USDA quality grade data updates carcass grading trends through May 19. This is precisely the week on the calendar at which the percentage of carcasses meeting USDA Prime marbling levels have sharply decreased in each of the past three years.

Lighter Carcass Weights and Shrinking Supply

Date: May 24 2023

| CAB Insider

Now, we’re well into the second quarter of 2023, but backing up to the first of the year, there have been two overriding trends in the fed cattle supply. The first of which has been those fewer headcounts that we’ve seen harvested on a weekly basis, down about 2.7% year to date as well.

Value Cuts and Thin Meats Lead

Date: May 10 2023

| CAB Insider

Current carcass values are being underpinned by positive price moves from several carcass cuts, and we’ve just named a few. The classic spring price rally from ribs is in a counter-seasonal pattern and strips are modestly sideways. End users are seeking value items to partially offset shorter supplies and higher prices.

Mindful Breeding for Heifers on Hand

Date: Apr 26 2023

| CAB Insider & Targeting the Brand

As you’re contemplating the future impact of today’s genetic decisions, consider the marketability of both feeder calves and potential replacement heifer progeny. There are plenty of sires that excel in EPD rankings for a variety of maternal, production and carcass traits to advance the goals of the cow-calf and feedyard sectors.

Quality Holds Up Under Lighter Carcass Weights

Date: Mar 08 2023

| CAB Insider

Feed cattle carcass weights have tracked a decidedly lower course this winter with the steer/heifer mix 18 lb. lighter since January 1. Winter weather has left a lasting mark on feedyard performance this season as feed efficiency has slipped away and industry production pounds followed lower.

Cattle Contract Library Pilot Kicks Off

Date: Feb 22 2023

| CAB Insider

While there are several styles of contracts represented in the library perhaps the take-home message is that there are fewer mysteries within the library than one may have thought. Carcass outcomes are widely emphasized in the contract mix and quality is the largest driver of premiums and discounts.

2022 Was as Predicted

Date: Feb 08 2023

| About the brand & Cattle Markets & Consumer Connection & Consumer Feature & Premium Potential

If there was a lesson in 2022, it was that the beef market is very sensitive to declines in quality grade, as evidenced through price signals. It’s the first time in recent history where we’ve gone backwards — albeit ever so slightly — and customers are telling us they have unfulfilled demand. That’s reflected in the premiums paid, and that’s saying something after two years of extremely high premiums.

Calm Before the Storm

Date: Feb 08 2023

| CAB Insider

With beef supplies tighter this year, year-to-date supplies are only fractionally smaller than a year ago. Yet the second quarter promises rapid tightening of fed cattle availability just as spring grilling demand will ramp up. Cattle supplies will be the opposite of robust, and boxed beef values will reflect it with sharp upward moves.

Fed Cattle Projections Factor in Carcass Value

Date: Jan 26 2023

| CAB Insider

Among cattlemen who understand the math to determine the price for a set of feeder cattle, the question becomes: “How are these feeder cattle bringing so much money?” Mind you, it depends a lot on one’s perspective and sector as to whether or not this conversation comes up. After all, prices are highly variable, as are cattle and regional supply/demand dynamics.