Pfeiffer Angus 2021 CAB Ambassador Award

Nominations for Certified Angus Beef Rancher Awards Close January 17

by Morgan Boecker

January 7, 2022

It takes passion, drive and ability to build a top-quality beef program based on economics, ethics and sustainability. A legacy like that merits recognition from peers and those they affect throughout the supply chain all the way to consumers.

Until Jan. 17, nominations are being accepted for one of three Certified Angus Beef producer awards, which recognizes cattlemen and women raising beef to the highest standards.

See who was recognized in 2021.

“During the brand’s Annual Conference in September, we recognize those who exemplify our mission on their operations,” says Kara Lee, assistant director of producer engagement. “These awards allow us to both thank them for their dedication and also introduce partners across the beef business to cattlemen and women who supply this brand.”

There are three categories of awards to nominate someone you know:

1) Commitment to Excellence nominees are sought in three areas: commercial, seedstock and feedyard. Selection is based on the nominee’s direct effect on high-quality cattle and growing supply of the Certified Angus Beef ®

2) Progressive Partner awards ranchers, cattle feeders or organizations that elevate the beef business and empower other sectors in the supply chain. Selection focuses on innovation, technology, education and connecting beef industry stakeholders.

3) The Sustainability Award recognizes a ranch, feedyard, grocery store or restaurant that exemplifies sustainability in its daily operations. Honorees go above and beyond in terms of environmental stewardship, cattle care, community involvement/service and opportunities for the next generation.

Award winners will be invited to accept the honor at the 2022 CAB Annual Conference, set for September 28 to 30 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It’s a chance for producers to meet people from all areas of the beef industry—chefs, distributors, retailers and more. It gives them a new perspective on the brand and the people involved in it,” Lee says.

Visit www.cabcattle.com/nominate to nominate someone who deserves to be recognized.

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