Certified Angus Beef ® launches new consumer loyalty program

By: Nicole Lane Erceg

Ford or Chevy? Red or Green? Mac or PC?

These questions inspire fierce debates and passionate conversations, as the brands we trust most tend to do. You buy it because you always have, because your Dad did or because they treat you right. It’s not just a product, it’s a relationship.

Deep consumer loyalty was something only legacy brands were able to earn as brands spanned generations. In the digital age, consumers now become deeply passionate about brands at a much faster pace.

It’s the card that’s always in your wallet, the only marketing emails that go undeleted and the coffee mugs, t-shirts and stickers that confirm pride in a brand you don’t own, but personally identify with.

As more companies work to deepen the understanding of their shoppers and keep them coming back, reward programs have popped up in retail stores and coffee shops, both online and on the street.

Americans love these—80% of adults in the U.S. belong to a loyalty program based on a Synchrony Financial poll—and U.S. consumers hold 3.8 billion loyalty memberships, averaging 8 per household.

So could this model work to help drive beef demand?

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand thinks so. The brand just launched Steakholder Rewards™, offering members exclusive VIP experiences like a chef to help plan a holiday dinner, or a trip to visit a ranch and access to exclusive merchandise.

“Research shows that consumers are willing to pay more for our brand and drive farther to businesses offering it,” says Tracey Erickson, vice president of marketing. “This is a fun way to engage our loyal fans and make them feel an even bigger part of our brand, from family farmers and ranchers to their tables.”

Loyalty programs such as Steakholder Rewards make consumers more likely to do business and feel more satisfaction with a brand, according to MaCorr Research. About 86% of shoppers using the programs say they shop more with those brands and 71% are more likely to say good things about brands with good loyalty programs.

“Each person’s experience and rewards will be based on their individual tastes and preferences,” Erickson explains. “Members can choose to make the experience more personal by sharing information about their beef and shopping preferences, as well as dates for celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries.”

It’s easy and free to register at rewards.CertifiedAngusBeef.com. Participants earn and track points for activities like referring a friend, sharing recipes, watching videos, answering surveys or just following the brand on social media. Those points are like currency, to be redeemed for rewards.

Members can also earn 10 points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases of brand products from participating grocery stores. Program members simply upload receipts to their loyalty account.

The program creates a more intimate brand relationship with consumers who are already brand fans, driving them to purchase the brand more often.

“Consumer expectations are expanding,” says John Stika, president of the brand. “As we work to drive demand for registered Angus cattle, this is just another step in adding value on top of the premium product cattlemen work to produce. It’s an added incentive for our consumers to purchase the brand more often, but also to learn more about who we are and become loyal and vocal advocates for our brand.”

It’s not just for traditional consumers. Stika invites cattlemen to become Steakholders and earn rewards, too.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer this extended digital experience to our consumers and we look forward to the value it will add for the brand and breeders who make it possible,” Stika says.

Originally ran in the Angus Journal.

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