Time Marches On

Date: Jan 03 2017

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I’ve been thinking about time lately – what the world must look like to those older and wiser than me.

Every number has a story: 118

Date: Nov 16 2015

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But it’s another response that I enjoy the most: when I tell those more familiar with the brand’s scope and less with its nature behind the scenes that 118 people make up its inner workings.

Every number has a story: 120 million

Date: Nov 10 2015

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In light of CAB’s fiscal year, totaling 896 million pounds sold, the number 120 million has the potential to get a bit overshadowed. Not a chance here. We know what it takes to drive the brand domestically, and don’t even pretend to think there aren’t equal or more challenges internationally. We celebrate any brand activity […]

Every number has a story: 30.1%

Date: Nov 09 2015

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15 years ago, the American Angus Association’s Board of Directors set a goal. By the year 2020, they wanted to see Certified Angus Beef® brand acceptance rates at the 30% mark. Along the way, there were times that number felt completely unattainable — like in 2006, for example, when rates hit an all-time low of […]

Every number has a story: $39

Date: Nov 08 2015

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As far as significant moments in the beef cattle timeline, I daresay we’re living in an exciting one. Drought, a dwindling supply and a fluctuating market are just a few of the challenges faced by today’s cowman. But with years of low herd numbers hedged by high beef prices, experts say, and I would agree, […]

Every number has a story: 139

Date: Nov 07 2015

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It’s the usual Friday night and my friend and I are heading out to grab a bite to eat. After countless suggestions on where to go, we finally both settle on Red Robin. Famous for their “Finest Gourmet Burgers,” I can’t wait to sink my teeth into their bacon cheddar burger. My friend scans the […]

Every number has a story: 8,000,000

Date: Nov 06 2015

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I like history. Not just the common 5th period class we all goofed off in in junior high kind. I’m talking a history of people – particularly those I know. I may not find it in textbooks, but through time spent, memories secured and conversations had, I can begin to figure out what makes those […]

Every number has a story: 11/13

Date: Nov 05 2015

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That could be a fraction, but it means in 11 years out of 13, a 1993 CattleFax report said you could have made money retaining ownership of home-raised calves through the finishing phase and selling to a packer. Yes, I know, that was a long time ago – seems like only yesterday though. I got started […]

Every number has a story: 12.1 million

Date: Nov 04 2015

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Like many writers, I find large numbers (or large numbers of numbers) a little overwhelming. Mama tried, as the song says, but I didn’t inherit her gift for mathematics. So when asked to write about the 12.1 million pounds of Certified Angus Beef® brand Prime sold in fiscal year 2015, I had to do a […]