Youth Beef Leaders Seminar

An opportunity to engage with elite young leaders in the beef industry.

Are you a college student with an interest in animal science, meat science, food science, agricultural communications, business, economics or any other agriculture or food-related field? If you are, we want you to apply for this exclusive event.

It’s three days filled with hands-on learning about who and what make the Certified Angus Beef ® brand (CAB®) thrive. See how what happens at the ranch affects what ends up on the plate.

Applications will open in the fall. 

That sounds pretty awesome, but what is Certified Angus Beef ?

  • CAB is a not-for-profit brand owned by family farmers and ranchers of the American Angus Association
  • A community of more than 20,000 licensed packers, processors, distributors, retailers and restaurants in 51 countries
  • CAB represents 16% of the fed cattle supply and sells 1.25 billion pounds across the globe every year
  • 5.5 million carcasses quality for the brand annually, paying cattlemen more than $1 million in premiums every week

Get an inside look at the brand


Whether your passion is raising beef, the science of meat or communicating about beef, this event brings some of the best and brightest young minds together. No matter what your career track is, you’ll leave inspired by the work Angus ranchers are doing to supply high-quality beef. This incredible networking opportunity guarantees that you’ll run into the people you meet here in your future career.


There will be lots of active engagement. The kind where you’re on your feet interacting with attendees and the CAB team. Explore the different ways we supply, market and protect the brand. Then grab a lab frock and step in the meat lab for hands-on learning about the beef carcass. Later we’ll provide professional development tips to put your best foot forward when applying for jobs. We will also discuss hot topics and how to handle conversations in-person and online.

Apply next fall for an all-expense paid trip to Certified Angus Beef. Leave equipped to communicate about premium beef, consumer demand and the value of today’s Angus ranchers.